Tigres nadadores

Cristen Conger

To understand why certain tigers swim, let's first learn about where they live. The species of tigers are endangered enough. Currently there are only six species: Amur, Siberian, Bengal, Indochinese, South China, and Sumatran.

In the wild, these species are spread throughout the eastern hemisphere, focusing primarily in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia. If we observed the temperature of these sites, we would realize that tigers live in very hot areas - for example, in South India the thermometer usually 37,7º reach C regularly in the summer.

Tigers do not like wet eyes when they are swimming
© iStockphoto.com / andynwt Tigers do not like wet eyes when they are swimming

When the weather warms too, fled to where we humans? The pool. The same goes for the Tigers. The main reason is the tigers swim to cool down [source: Robey ]. Since tigers hunt at night, they spend most of the day in the water, as a guest of a resort [source: Sunquist and Sunquist ].

As the largest of all cats, tigers have a greater surface and heats up much in the heat. Likewise, the little kittens that live in our homes may not want to get wet to not feel cold. Habit Odin diving to the bottom of the pool with your eyes open is rare for its kind. Swimmers Tigers usually submerge their bodies, but not quite. Tigers usually do not like water in the eye and therefore usually only soak up the neck [source: Animal Planet]. strong bodies and webbed feet also make the Tigers excellent swimmers. There are records of tigers that crossed rivers whose width reached 29 km. In addition to swimming as a means of transportation, the Tigers also take advantage of this ability at the time of the hunt. They can pursue their prey leading them to the water and then capture them [source: HowStuffWorks ]. But the Tigers are not the only big cats that swim regularly. Other species that live in warm climates, such as jaguars and lions lounging in the water and swim when necessary.

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