Como funcionam as minas terrestres

Kevin Bonsor

One of the most deadly legacies of the 20th century is the use of landmines in wars. Antipersonnel landmines continues to have tragic and unintended consequências years after the battle or even the entire war ended. Over time, the location of the mines is often Do overlooked, even by Those Who Placed Them. These mines remain active for many decades, causing damage further, injury and death.

Basically Landmines are explosive devices designed to explode When triggered by pressure or a tripwire. These artifacts are Usually found on or just below the surface. The purpose of the mines used by the armed forces is through an explosion or fragments released at high speed disable any person or vehicle que comes in contact with it.

Photo courtesy of United States Department of Defense This PMA-2 landmine was found hidden under the snow and the leaves in Rajlovac, Bosnia

Currently there are over 100 million landmines scattered in 70 countries, According to OneWorld International. Since 1975, landmines have killed or maimed more than 1 million people, Which led to a worldwide effort to ban the future use of These mines and remove existing ones. In this article, we will see the different types of landmines, Their basic operation and the techniques used to clear minefields.

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