Como funcionam os hipopótamos

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The hippopotamus is a large animal found in tropical Africa. His name is a Greek version of "river horse", although the hippo has more to do with the pig than the horse. He spends most of his time in or near fresh water, but when it comes to food, need hippo out of the water and go to the land.

The hippopotamus is one of the largest among all animals
© / Heatherfaye The hippopotamus is one of the largest among all the animals The hippopotamus spends most of his time in or near fresh water

Species of hippos 

- Hippo-common

The common hippopotamus is one of the largest among all animals. The male can be 1.5 m at shoulder height and 3.7 m in length, and weigh somewhere around 3630 kg. His legs are small and thick, and its rounded body almost touches the ground when he walks. His long legs, four fingers, are heavily padded soles. Hippo has a large head and a short neck. His nostrils are on top of his nose, while his eyes and ears are on your head. This animal can submerge your entire body for long periods, keeping only their nostrils, eyes and ears above water.

The hippopotamus spends most of his time in or near fresh water
© / Pjmalsbury The hippopotamus is one of the largest among all animals

From time to time, he lifts his head, opens his mouth and shows his huge curved tusks up the lower jaw. Its small pair of central incisors are also projected forward as if they were small prey.

The hippo can submerge your entire head for several minutes to close the valves of her nostrils. While on the surface, it blows a kind of wet spray and sometimes emits a deafening roar. Hippo-common has a dark brown skin and hairless, except for a few found by their nose and ears, as well as at the end of its short tail. Your skin is 4 cm thick on his back and side of the body, and sometimes secretes a pink oily liquid. - Pygmy hippopotamus The pygmy hippo is found only in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Rarely have more than 75 cm tall and weighs somewhere around 180 kg. He has legs and proportionally smaller head, and spends most of his life on earth, unlike the common hippopotamus. On the other hand, it is similar to its "highest relative" with respect to appearance and habits.

The hippopotamus lives in Africa
© HowStuffWorks Hippo lives in Africa

Habits Hippos

Hippos live in herds of 20 to 30 They are not aggressive, but they are great fighters if they are being attacked or frightened. Are not fast swimmers, but on land can run as fast as a human being. The female has one or two offspring per year. The hippopotamus live about 30 years or more. Hippo feeds at night, mostly pasture and aquatic plants. They usually wipe out entire crops because they eat plants that are being grown - or end up inadvertently trampling them down. Some African tribes feed on the flesh of the hippopotamus and use their skin for different purposes. His tusks are valued as ivory. hippos Since relate to other animals Paw hippo framework has webbed fingers. This allows the hippo can walk on water. When walking, his legs shaking the mud from the bottom of the river or lake and the fish eat the creatures that were hidden and that ended up moving due to the floor of the hippopotamus. Hippo also helps animals in other ways. He opens his mouth and lets a certain type of fish eat the food that got stuck in your teeth. In contrast, the fish clean the skin hippo to eat the algae and plankton that accumulate on it. Sometimes the geese and other waterfowl also help the hippos. They sit back and hippo eat the insects that were in your skin.

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