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Dave Coustan

A "sabot" is a two-stage cartridge, specially shaped. It has an outer jacket that helps it travel longer distances and has an inner slug or "Playload". The jacket is designed to fall off in flight after it reaches a certain distance. Various entities connected to suggest that hunting ammunition "sabot" is only effective at longer distances when shot through a rifled barrel. For a shotgun hunter, this means adding a rifled choke tube.

This can also describe a projectile trajectory arrow-shaped material that fits into a standard capsule. A lancet is the sabot dart . A dart contains hundreds of tiny needle-like or razors designed to penetrate armor and inflict painful wounds parties. They were banned by the Geneva Convention, but still see from time to time in combat and counter-terrorism.


  • Download breakup -  shotguns are used by the military to "unlock" doors when the troops do not know what is on the other side. As traditional ammunition tends to ricochet and can hurt the shooter or anyone else, the "disruptions" are often used. These capsules contain a metallic powder that spreads on contact.


  • "Bean bags" or "bean bags" - are used as shotgun ammo in situations of crowd control, because in most cases they stun the victim, but not inflict lasting damage.

    CS gas grenades  - Combat shotguns can be used to disperse tear gas and similar chemicals.

  • Rock salt - rock salt is an ammo type to defend the home because, say, causes severe pain, but no permanent damage. 

People put anything inside and call it a shotgun ammo. To get an idea of some of the wacky ammunition produced commercially, check in Everything2.com "exotic shotgun Ammo"  (in English).