Equipamento do SEAL: no mar

Lee Ann Obringer

Photography of the American Navy
PHC (SW / NAC) Jerry Woller Northern Arabian Gulf, 2002: SWCC and Navy SEALs American vessel on patrol in a MK V Special Operations

Each vehicle that Navy SEALs use to transport teams and units to your destination has a specific benefit and usefulness.

One type of vehicle is the SEAL Delivery Vehicle. Are vehicles that operate below the water surface to lead soldiers and their equipment to their mission area. The crew uses underwater breathing apparatus as they sail to the destination submerged SDV. Getting completely submerged all the time, some models can deliver SDVs several soldiers in their mission area, stay in the area while they complete the mission and then return them to their ship.

There are several surface vessels primaries. These include CRRC, SOC-R, RHIB 11 meters and MK V.

The vessel MK V Special Operations ( SOC ) is the most versatile fighter craft high-performance inventory of Naval Special Warfare. It is mainly used in ocean transportation medium range of SEAL combat swimmers in environments where the threat is low to medium. It is also used for some coastal patrol and maritime interdiction operations, such as destroying an enemy supply line. The MK V can operate from coastal facilities or specially equipped vessels.

The Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat ( RHIB ) of NSW is a vessel of 11 meters, high-speed, high-buoyancy, extreme temperatures and used to move SEAL tactical elements to and from the ship and beaches. It's big enough to carry an entire SEAL squad.

Official photograph of the US Navy SEALs leaving a BICR

The Special Operations Craft river ( SOC-R ) is the latest surface craft Naval Special Warfare. It is used in river environments and has a maximum speed of 77 km / h. Supports up to 9.300kg of personnel and cargo and is well suited to inland waterways. SOC-R can be transported by cargo aircraft of the American Air Force and by helicopter .

The Combat Rubber Raiding Craft ( CRRC ) is an inflatable rubber boat 4.5m, which is enhanced extremely useful in many missions. This is the same as the recruits carry on their heads during BUD / S training (often called Zodiac - Zodiac manufactures CRRC). At the tactical positioning, is used to transport and release and lightly armed SEALs rescue on beaches and rivers.

Official photograph of the US Navy SEALs on a CRRC

It is easy for the SEALs move this boat and can also be launched from the air like a rubber duck.


Open loop system
A system of open circuit is the typical breathing system, where the diver breathes air from a supply tank and exhales into the water.

Oxygen in a closed circuit system
with this type of system, the diver breathes 100% oxygen and your exhaled breath is recirculated inside the unit, where it is filtered and transformed back into breathable air. This system is useful for working in shallow water.

Oxygen time is reduced as the water cools. For diving in extremely cold water, the SEALs must wear dry clothing and a specially adapted Recycler of exhaled air Dragger LarV version - a tube of greater oxygen allows the diver to breathe underwater for a longer period of time.

Mixed Gas System Closed Circuit
This system is similar to the closed-circuit oxygen system described above, but the oxygen is mixed with air to maintain a certain level of "oxygen partial pressure" (PPO2). This increases the depth at which a SEAL can dive and the length of time he can stay there.