Como funciona o colete à prova de balas

Tom Harris

People wear armor for thousands of years. Ancient tribes bound animal skins and plant material around their bodies when they went to hunt, and the warriors of ancient Rome and medieval Europe covered their torsos with metal plates before entering the battle. By the 13th century, the armor in the western world had become highly sophisticated. With the right equipment, you were almost invincible.

A bulletproof vest MAX Pro
Photo courtesy of Bullet Proof ME A bulletproof vest MAX Pro, designed for easy concealment under normal clothes

All this changed with the development of cannons and firearms in the 19th century These guns fire projectiles at high speeds, giving them enough to penetrate thin layers of metal energy. You can increase the thickness of traditional armor materials, but they soon become too heavy and awkward for one person to wear. It was only in the 60s that engineers developed a vest bullet resistant safety and reliable, you could wear comfortably. Unlike traditional armor, this soft safety vest is not made ​​of metal pieces; it is formed from advanced woven fibers that can be sewn into vests and other soft clothes.

In this article, we take a look at the soft safety vest and other personal protective technologies to see how they can stop bullets. Also discover a range of safety vests available options and see how the government's tests and rates.

Collect rigid safety
The modern safety vests are divided into two main categories: safety vests rigid and soft body armor .

The drive safety vest made ​​with ceramic or thick metal plates, functions basically the same way that iron armor worn by medieval knights: is rigid enough that a bullet or other weapon to be diverted. That is, the material of the bullet jacket deflects with the same strength (or nearly the same force) with which the bullet strikes the vest, and so it is not penetrated.

Bulletproof helmets for police use (left) and military use
Photo courtesy of Bullet Proof ME bulletproof helmets for police use (left) and military use (right)

The drive safety vest provides more protection than the vest of soft security, but it is much more awkward. Police and military can use this type of protection when there is a high risk of attack, but for everyday use they generally wear soft body armor, flexible protection that you use as an ordinary shirt or jacket.


Why would safety vests made with ceramic plates? Tiles are made from ceramic and are extremely brittle and fragile. How to serve on a safety vest?

The fact is there are thousands of different materials classified as ceramics. The ceramic used in body armor is called alumina , with the chemical formula AI 2 O 3 . Sapphires are made ​​of alumina and sapphire is a very durable material (see this site - in English).

You can also find rigid plates made of polyethylene plastic. It is thicker than the ceramic and not as sturdy, but it is lighter.

Also check this article (in English), which explains how the safety vest could be a hero of technological war in Iraq.

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