Como funcionam os coelhos e as lebres

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Rabbits and hares are timid and small furry animals found in almost all parts of the world. For centuries they were valued as they serve as food and for their fur. Some breeds are popular as pets. They are also used for different purposes such as laboratory animals.

In areas where wild rabbits and hares are abundant, they end up being a threat to crops and gardens and are killed as if they were pests. This is especially true in Australia and New Zealand, where these animals were introduced in 1850 and quickly multiplied for not finding natural enemies.

Just like dogs and cats, domestic rabbits come in many colors, sizes and shapes.
© / GlobalP Just like dogs and cats, domestic rabbits come in many colors, sizes and shapes

Rabbits and hares are protagonists of many fables and folktales. The White Rabbit and the March Hare played an important role in the story "Alice in Wonderland". Rabbits were also considered symbols of fertility by many ancient peoples, and this symbolism has survived the Easter Bunny that represents the rebirth that occurs in nature every spring. A rabbit's foot is an amulet that brings luck.

Hares are very different from rabbits?

Hares, as rabbits are lagomorphs. They look pretty and are often confused with one another. But the two animals differ in some important respects. Rabbits give birth to their young in nests lined well, while hares give birth on the floor. Babies are born without fur of rabbits and with eyes closed. They remain in the nest for a few weeks. But babies hares are born with fur and open eyes. In less than five minutes they are already able to jump. That means they are ready to leave their "home" almost immediately. Normally hares grow more than rabbits. They have legs, feet and longer ears. Hares rarely dig burrows - how often do rabbits. When a rabbit senses danger, he digs to hide. But the hare tries to escape from your enemy running and jumping long distances. Rabbits are more social than hares and usually live in groups. Already hares live alone.

Rabbits and hares are found on all continents except Antarctica. . Nearly half of all types of rabbits and hares live in North America These animals make their homes in meadows, mountains, deserts, forests, swamps and fields - and even frozen tundra. Ie, they survive in any climate. Can you tell where these animals live according to their names. The Marsh Rabbit like habitats such as marsh and is a good swimmer. The desert cottontail, in turn, prefer a hot, dry habitat. 

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