Como funciona o clima

Robert Lamb

When the subject under discussion is the weather, almost everyone is able to participate. After all, who is not able to tell a story of a storm that ruined the plans of the day? The climate around us and affects all aspects of our lives. No wonder we discuss it serves to overcome uncomfortable pauses in conversation or to characterize the failure of a first date.

your place in the atmosphere
© We experience daily the weather, but to understand it properly we first need to get away from the table and consider it from a world point of view

This view of climate - as something that happens around our lives - is the first concept that we must leave to better understand how the atmosphere works the earth . Forget the cloudy sadden you or hates going out on rainy days. Leave aside even the idea of climate as something that affects a city or region. The climate is simply the state of the atmosphere , the gaseous layer that serves as an external barrier between the Earth and the rest of the universe.

Although the water recubra 71% of Earth's surface, the atmosphere completely surrounds. But the layer of gases is not static. Is subject to influence of various terrestrial and extraterrestrial forces. Think of the atmosphere as a man or woman so that just won the lottery . Before long everyone has suggestions on what one should do with your time and money . Uncle John says this, Aunt Clara suggests that. Before the person realizes, everyone influences their daily activities.

For the earth's atmosphere, gravity , sunlight , oceans and topography, all dictate certain cycles of air movement - some very localized, others involving huge portions of the planet. Furthermore, some of these different cycles affect each other, generating new cycles and giving rise to clouds (in English), precipitation and uninterrupted streams of storms. All these various atmospheric responses are what we know as weather .

With all these diverse influences Earth's atmosphere is a very intricate system. No wonder it is so difficult to predict the weather. In this article, we will unmask the complicated system, starting with the space and advancing to the level of personal and everyday experiences.