Espécies-chave funcionam como a pedra fundamental de um aqueduto romano. Remova-a do seu ecossistema e toda a estrutura biológica desmorona.
De todas as espécies de grandes felinos, os tigres em particular são conhecidos por sua capacidade de nadar. Entenda porque os tigres nadam.
Bears are famous for their hibernation habits, however, pandas do not hibernate. Understand why.
Os morcegos são criaturas incríveis, apesar de se alimentarem de insetos e, algumas vezes, de sangue. Conheça 13 fatos incríveis sobre morcegos.
Among all toothed whales, the killer whale - also called orca whale - is perhaps the most intriguing. Learn a little more about these whales.
Dolphins are intelligent and playful animals. There are 37 species of dolphins. Know the main features of some of them.
Survey found that malaria is a particularly deadly disease because the host parasites fighting other infections for survival.
The bison is a large mammal with the long, curved horns. He has a very keen sense of smell, but relatively poor eyesight. Read more.
Rabbits and hares are small furry animals found in almost all parts of the world. Know the main characteristics of these lagomorphs.
The hippopotamus is a large animal found in tropical Africa and spends much of his time in or near fresh water.