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The killer whale - also called orca whale - is found in all seas. It appears black at the top and at the bottom white with white spots above the eyes and the sides. The killer whale is about 9 feet long and a long snout. It feeds on fish, seals, sea birds and other species of whales. Although killer whales can be aggressive, they can also be trained to work in zoos and aquariums.

The whale is black at the top and at the bottom white with white spots above the eyes and the sides
© / cmeder The whale is black at the top and at the bottom white with white spots above the eyes and the sides

What's so impressive in a killer whale?

Among all toothed whales, the killer whale is perhaps the most intriguing. One reason is its size. A male can have as many as 9 m in length and weigh up to 9 tons. A killer whale also has other features that distinguish it. His back and tail are glossy black, while its belly is entirely white. There is also a white oval above each eye spot. The whale also has a gray spot in the center of his back. Their coloration helps to camouflage and hide from other animals. When you look underneath a killer whale in the water, her black blends with dark water. When you look at the whale above the water, the white of his belly blends the light of heaven. Aside, its white and black colors seem more sunlight hitting the water. This type of camouflage does the killer whale one of the most stealthy hunters. A killer whale is male or female? At first glance you may find that the male and female orca whales are identical. But they are not! There is a difference in their fins. Both have dorsal fins - but with one big difference. The female dorsal fin is curved, while the male is not. And the fin of the male can be up to 1.8 m tall. Already the female is less - than 0.9 m increases. Another way to distinguish a male female is a look at the size of the animal body. Males are much longer and bulky than females. Like a killer whale keeps warm? Most mammals that live in cold climates have a thick to keep warm by. But one does not have the killer whale. Instead, she has a very thick skin. Your skin is lined with fat - adipose tissue layer just below your skin. This fat gets to be between 7.6 and 10 cm thick. Fat acts like a layer of clothing, covering almost the entire body of the whale. Only the fins and dorsal fin does not have this extra layer. Without this fat whales would not survive the icy waters. A killer whale can also turn your fat into energy that heats the body of the animal. The whale uses this fat to fuel your body's energy when there was food, and when there is plenty of food she develops a new layer of fat. breathes Like a killer whale? A killer whale breathe through one nostril at the top of his head. This is a great spot for a nose. It allows the killer whale swim without having to lift the entire head out of the water to breathe. As the killer whale swims, it puts the front of his body out of the water. She exhale air through your nostril. Before diving, the whale breathes again. So when diving specific muscles lock your nostril so that water can not enter. It's exciting to see a whale breathe. Seems she lets out a stream of white spray.