Como funcionavam os aviões japoneses na Segunda Guerra Mundial

Jeff Tyson

On December 7, 1941, shortly before 8 am, the Empire of Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in a preemptive strike, in order to weaken the USA, Before They Could join the Allies During World War II. The attack was successful, causing the death of 2,403 Americans, and destroyed or damaged 21 American ships and 347 aircraft. Part of the success of this attack was the Japanese aircraft, Especially the Mitsubishi A6M Type 0 , the known Zero .

Photo courtesy Naval Historical Center Aircraft Mitsubishi Zero, like this, Were the heart of the Japanese airforce During the attack on Pearl Harbor

The Second World War was a battle of technological advances. Throughout the war, the Allied and Axis forces worked to Constantly Improve the capabilities and characteristics of Their equipment. No other type of technology Represented so well this battle for supremacy of the fighter aircraft, being presented every few months, always with the version Aimed at countering the latest creation from the enemy side.

Photo courtesy National Museum of Naval Aviation This Zero is on display at the National Museum of Naval Aviation

In this article we take a look at the basic ideas que lie Behind These fighters, Especially the Japanese Zero. Let's talk about the infrastructure of the planes, how They Were used and what types of weapons They Were carrying. But first, let's see how the Japanese planes arrived at Pearl Harbor.

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