Escola de atiradores de elite

Robert Valdes
The School Sniper Marine Corps was founded in 1967.

Every segment of the armed forces use snipers in some function. The SEALs , CCT  (in English), and Army Commands (in English) have elements of elite shooters in their units. And while all have their respective schools of snipers, there is a school that stands out: the School of Scouts Sniper's Marine Corps of the United States .

The School of Scouts Sniper's Marine Corps of the United States is widely regarded in the military as the best program of snipers training. The Marines offer an excellent program that trains candidates sniper in all segments of the armed forces. The few candidates who are accepted to attend school represent some of the best that segment has to offer. Fewer still leave "Scout Sniper Qualified".

When selecting a candidate, commanders are not looking for "good shooters" or "natural born killers". There are many soldiers who are skilled with a rifle and have the training and skill to take the life of an enemy if necessary. Being a sniper requires a huge responsibility. What is the command searches a soldier who has good decision-making ability and a cool head.

Photo courtesy Department of Defense Visual Information Center Defense The observer uses a table of ranges to help you calculate the distance of the target

"You do not want to be a hot one sniper head," says Shooter. Snipers should be able to act alone. You have to be independent, you know, so that when he is not with his unit has to be able to make sound decisions on their own without consulting anyone.


There is a plaque in the school Sniper Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton wall, which is the translation of a Chinese proverb that says, "Kill one man, terrorize a thousand".

The program Scout Sniper Marine Corps is a two-month course. Students have physical training and practice at the shooting range every day. Still has "games" that teach skills that snipers need in the field. Time in the classroom is used for learning the principles of distance calculations, effects of wind, barometric pressure and positioning and tactics. In the course of two months the students exercise on the three basic components of sniper training:

  • marksmanship
  • observation
  • stakeout

According to Shooter, "is not you read a book and go do the job. Always You have to train, and if you stop for awhile may lose their skills.'s A perishable skill." You have to practice and practice, and if you stop for awhile may lose their skills.

In the following sections go into more detail about the training of sniper.